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Avoid dental problems and pain by keeping up with routine exams and cleanings. Regular dental exams allow you to catch and treat minor problems early. Haven't been to the dentist in a while? Don't worry. You'll receive excellent care from Jamie Mace DMD.


- Improved well being

- Prevention of dental problem progression

- Detection of diseases, including cancer

- Reduction in cavity-causing bacteria

- Prevention of gum disease

- Reduce the risk of costly future repairs

Benefits of preventative care:

Unfortunately, even with the best preventative maintenance, dental problems cannot always be avoided. To provide you with the care you need, we offer general dentistry for your whole family, including children. New patients are always welcome.

The high quality care you need

Preventative care services are among the most important for your teeth. Annual exams, x-rays, and at-home care, such as brushing and flossing, work together to keep your teeth in great shape.

What is preventative dentistry?

Preventative care is the key to healthy teeth


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